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Prosperity Dispatch Services

Our goal is always ensuring you receive the best top paying rates possible! We will work diligently to negotiate according to your preferred lane. Prosperity Dispatch Services will set up the paperwork, request certificate of insurances, send weekly updates of detailed earnings, provide directions and work with you to resolve discrepancies.


Prosperity Dispatch Services work hard so carriers can embrace the miles!


                                          Watch your business, SOAR with Prosperity!

Truck Car Park

Dispatch Services Offered

  • Setting up Carrier profile with Prosperity

  • Search for loads on multiple load boards

  • Negotiate rates to include deadhead miles along with actual miles

  • Complete Carrier Packets with Brokers/Customers for booked loads

  • Verify Name, Address and Contact information for booked loads

  • Maintain records of all loads for each load booked through Prosperity

  • Communicate with shippers/receivers of any issues with booked loads through Prosperity

  • On Call 24/7 direct dispatcher access

  • Submit all paperwork for invoicing once load is delivered

  • After completion of loads, all paperwork will be sent to carrier’s listed email on file on end of the week - Saturday.

            Our services are 10% per load

What you need to get started

  • Active authority – Copy of Certificate of authority letter

  • Owner/driver’s name – Copy of CDL

  • Address, mobile phone number and email address

  • Copy of COI (certificate of insurance)

  • Proof of insurance naming Prosperity Logistics as a certificate holder

  • $1, 000, 000 in auto-liability & $100, 000 in cargo          coverage

  • Signed dispatcher-carrier agreement

  • Signed W9

  • EIN # (employee identification number)

  • Power of Attorney

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